Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Use and Abuse me!

So now you know: I'm a make up junkie.

Smashbox. Shu Uemura. Urban Decay. Dior. Laura Mercier. You name it, I've tried it.

But while it is my job, it is also all in the name of fun for me which is the only reason I've signed myself up to such madness. The idea of turning a hobby to a career appeals to everyone. And this is why I have decided to blog also; I love make up, and I love writing.

I'd also like to think that some of my make up advice can be taken advantage of by whoever stumbles across this blog. From chatting to a lot of friends and clients, I've learned that people can find makeup overwhelming at times. Save the odd tip which is easy to remember but not always entirely useful to the individual (your grandmother - "I just pinch my cheeks when I want a glow - none of this warpaint") there is not enough advice given on everyday, affordable looks to suit YOU.

I've been asked where somebody should start with a complete make up overhaul on a budget, for instance. People with small eyes have raised concern in regards to ditching the eyeliner altogether - they still want definition. And what concealer works best with asian skin, since most of the ones available seem to leave the under eye area looking grey?

Over the coming months I'm going to cultivate a collection of (hopefully!) useful articles on make up - and answer any questions you might have too. I'm hoping to be inspired, so if you want me to expand on any type of make up application/look/brand, just ask!

A Little on my Background...

It all started when I decided to make use of my (fabulous) infliction of 'make up addict' by trotting myself off down to make up school in Manchester in August 2008. There I was trained by Jon Mort - former chief make up artist at Versace. The fashion/editorial course was all I'd hoped it to be and more and I decided there and then that if I could make even a bob or two out of my ultimate passion, I would be dancing through life.

Since finishing at School of Makeup, I worked hard to build up my makeup portfolio, working with agencies and photographers in Glasgow and Edinburgh respectively, aiming for a variety of high fashion, editorial and commercial make-up looks. This involved having a collection of random jobs on the side to make ends meet (and a lot of scrounging off Mummy - love you)

Thankfully I am now working in the beauty industry full time - working with a team of girls on weekdays for INAA.com ("I Need An Appointment.com" - an online hair and beauty booking portal) and signed with Scottish makeup team EyeCandy. I do a lot of wedding make up through EyeCandy and you can also book me through INAA.com!

I originally didn't intend to get into wedding make up. I dismissed it as 'boring' - forgive me but my mind was taken up with dreams of backstage make up and high fashion Val Garland-esque amazingness. As it turned out, weddings revealed a whole new side to makeup artistry for me - working with 'normal' people with 'normal' skin and 'normal' conversation by contrast getting set for the least 'normal' day in their lives. I fell in love with the excitement and buzz surrounding weddings and the genuine appreciation you get as a make up artist if you make somebody feel beautiful. In fact, it's making somebody feel beautiful that gets me every time. Make up doesn't actually make you more beautiful but if it makes you feel that way, then you instantly are. You smile more. Your head's held that bit higher.

Having said that, in order to make folk look good (as opposed to the way they did when their best friend very first made them over) I need to ensure I have the proper tools - make up for different skin types/ colourings / age / desired look... And this is why I spend a lot on makeup. Decidedly more than I earn, in fact, but shhh...

Anyway, for now, I must go. I have half a glass of wine and a lot of washing up waiting to be done. Still, I'm going to look at the glass half full and start with that...

Model - Clare Byres
Make Up - Suzanne CM Smith
Photographer - John Linton

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